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Upgrading Product Package

If you are running a Lite or a Network package and you have purchased a Community package and you already have your site up and running you won't have to re-install the entire product. You can actually just install the missing modules you want that the new package provides.

In order to do this you need to first download the new package you plan to upgrade to. Note that this must be the same version as the one you are already using.

Unzip the archive and you will find the folder:


Browse into that folder. You can now upload all the files within that folder to your sites root directory, however if you have hard coded modifications you can first just upload the folder:


Then, go into the folder:


This has all the modules that run your site. You can upload the ones that are missing on your site. Once you have uploaded the missing modules log into your AdminCP and go to:

Extensions >> Modules >> Manage Modules

At the bottom of that page you will find all the available modules you can install.