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Manage User Group Settings

Each user belongs to a user group and each user group has several hundred ways on how to control them. To control user groups we will go over how we can edit "User Group Settings". By controlling these settings you will be able to control many features you use on your site thus allowing you to create special user groups that you can create promotions or even charge for in order for users to get the rights to use certain features on your site.

To manage user group settings, first log into your AdminCP and go to:

Users >> User Group Manager >> Manage User Groups

Here you will find a list of all the available user groups. We will start working with the default user group "Registered User". To the left of that user group you will find a drop-down icon. Click on that icon and then click on the sub-menu "Manage User Settings". You will now find a page with all the user group settings organized based on the module they belong to. By clicking on a module you will find many settings that control features for that specific module.