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Hosting the phpfox script (FTP, Script requirements...)

Hosting the Phpfox Script

The phpfox script is a script written in the PHP programming language, its full list of requirements can be found here, not every module has the same requirements so be sure to plan accordingly.

We have partnered with Ubiquity hosting to provide a consistent compatible solution, they are fully aware of the script's requirements and have set up hosting plans befitting the script perfectly.

We will assume, from now, on that your web site is hosted somewhere in internet.

With your hosting account you either are able to create an FTP account or were granted one, if you are unsure about this please contact your hosting company. You will need this information to upload the phpfox script to your hosting account. Remember, any website is a set of files, the phpfox script is also a website so you need to copy (upload) these files to your hosting account's public folder. The public folder is the folder that anyone can get access to from internet.

You need an FTP client to connect to your website and upload files. At Benc Enterprises we use FileZilla because it is a free powerful and robust alternative so we encourage you to use it too. Be sure to download the client, they offer a server solution as well but you do not need that to upload files to your site, you would only need the filezilla server if you plan on setting up a hosting service yourself but this is not the case. We also made a video showing how to install Filezilla under Windows 7, you can watch it here

Every hosting account has at least one public folder, whatever you put in this folder will be accessible when someone goes to your site. There are two common names for this public folder:

  • public_html
  • httpdocs

You will notice when you upload the phpfox script that there is a file index.php, it is one of the essential files as everything goes through this file, when you visit your music section, change your user name etc, it is going through this file, even when it doesnt look like. There is a special reason for this and that is because HTTP servers have a special directive telling which file has priority, on most configurations the order goes around this:

  1. index.html
  2. index.php
  3. others

From this we learn one important trick: if you want a splash screen (a screen to show before they get to your site) create it as a index.html file and have a link to your index.php file, when they visit they will get the splash screen, but clicking will take them to the phpfox script.