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Add CAPTCHA to the signup section


The phpfox script uses forms to create users and add content such as pictures, comments and blogs. Technically speaking every form in a web application is prone to a computer attack. More often than desired malicious users want to fill your site with garbage such as links to another site or advertisements about male enhancers. In order to prevent this we have enabled a tool to make this a much difficult task to intruders.
This tool will show an image (which robots cant or have a great deal of problems to read) with letters and numbers, the user will then need to write this code into an input field and upon matching the image's code will allow the new user to sign up. Our customers raised their voice and requested reCAPTCHA to be implemented so this is the how to.

How to Enable reCAPTCHA

  1. The first step is to create a free account at the recaptcha site. Click here to go there. When creating your account, if you are unsure about your domain you can mark the "Global Key". This is how it looks when you have created your account.
  2. Now that you have your Public Key and your Private Key you are ready to go, Log in to your site and go to the AdminCP, hover over Settings -> System Settings and click on Manage Settings. Then click on "reCAPTCHA".
  3. Here you will need to enable recaptcha by setting the value "Enable reCAPTCHA" to true and copy and pasting your Public and Private Keys. Do not add anything to the Header section and save.

Thats all there is to increase your site's safety. We can't promise this will keep every single attacker outside of your site but it will sure make it more difficult for them.

Do keep in mind that if you add anything to the header part and theres a syntax error or something of this sort it can render a blank page or a partially blank page in your site, enable debug mode if you ever find something like this.