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Create a new static page

At some point during your site's preparation you may want to create a new page, to show your sponsor, to show your other sites or something like this.
The script makes it easy to create a new static page, you just need to log in to your AdminCP and go to CMS -> Pages -> Add New Page.

In here, make sure you choose your own product. If you have not yet created your own product here is how to do it.
Since you are creating a page, select "page" from the modules drop down. If you disable the page module it will also disable the page you are creating. If you do not want your page to be disabled by any means, then choose the "core" module.

Then set the title, you can have the title be a language phrase so it would show in more than one language depending on the viewer's preferences, for that make sure the language phrase exists and tick the checkbox just below.
This and the next couple of fields are mainly for SEO.

You can choose who has access to this page by ticking the checkboxes in the User Group Access section.
Now here's a little catch, you should not use regular curly brackets in the "Page Data" section, the script will pick them up and think its a special tag, instead you need to use {left_curly} and {right_curly}. Why would you need these? well for formatting if you plan to use inline CSS. You can also opt to edit the site's CSS.

To view the video tutorial go here.