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Create ad campaigns

[edit] How to Create Ad Campaigns

You can create site wide campaigns by going to the AdminCP -> Modules -> Ad -> Create Campaign
In there you have 2 options for the banner type: HTML code or a simple image. You want to use HTML code when you are giving some code like AdSense.
If you choose an image you will be shown the upload form for the image and an input field to make that image a link.
You can customize the campaign by filling the filters below.

[edit] Allow Non Admins to Create Ad Campaigns

Since version 2.0.5 you can alow non administrators to create ad campaigns, this is a user group setting that you can enable by going to AdminCP -> User -> User Group Settings -> Manage User Groups. Next to the target user group you can click on the icon and it will show a menu, click on Manage User Settings, then click on "Ad" and look for "Can create ad campaigns?"

Video tutorial here: