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Enable Akismet SPAM Protection

What is Akismet

Akismet is a free project aimed at reducing undesired messages in virtually any system. It started as a plugin for WordPress but now has grown to include any PHP Library. Phpfox v2 has a module to control SPAM, and it is possible to use the Akismet services to increase the system's safety.

The way it all works is actually very simple, your site gets a message, it can be a comment for example, the site (your phpfox script in this case) sends that message to the Akismet servers and they match it with their rules (which have been improved over time and feedback), Akismet then returns a number to your site (1 or 0) and the script knows if this is a SPAM message or not.

What happens if I get legit messages marked as SPAM

You can always correct Akismet's mistake and provide feedback in return. When a comment is marked as SPAM it does not show to every member, only to those who can approve it, this is a permission that only administrators have by default and to approve a comment you (as an administrator) need only to browse your site, find the comment and click on "approve" next to it. This will send a message to Akismet (and show the comment of course) and it will help to filter better content in your site. Keep in mind that Akismet was primarily designed for blogs, so at first the decisions it makes may not make all the sense to your site, this is expected to get better over time.

Enabling Akismet

  1. Go to to request an API key.
  2. Place your email to register.
  3. Enter a username for Akismet.
  4. Activate your account via the email the Akismet page will send to you.
  5. Go to the AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings -> Global Settings -> Spam and put your domain name in the Akismet URL field.
  6. Copy and paste the Akismet API key you were given after registration in the Akismet page, into the Akismet Akismet API Key field, below the Akismet URL field of the step above.
  7. Save the settings

Of course, do not forget to enable the Spam check setting in this same place: AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings -> Global Settings -> Spam.

That's all you need to control the Spam in your site.

Note that it will say you need a Wordpress account. Just follow the sign up procedure and choose the free option and you will be creating your account right there. You will then get the key as described.