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Enable Subscriptions

Set up Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow you to generate direct income. A subscription allows your members to go from one user group to another so a good understanding of the permissions and user group management is important. If there is any doubt in this topic please read this article.

Create a Subscription

This can be done by going to AdminCP -> Modules => Subscribe => Create New Subscription Package. Here the critically important fields are the "User group on success" and "User group on failure" as these tell what happens when the user pays and when it stops paying.
You can set it to show on registration here as well and set a price for it, if you want it to be free then just set 0 on the price fields.

Enable Subscriptions

By default subscriptions are disabled, and we turn them on until now so users get the full deal from the start. Just go to AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings: Subscribe: "Enable Subscription Packages".