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Change references to Phpfox (email signature, site name, site logo, etc)

By default the script comes with certain phrases that illustrate the use of several features, for example a default description for the profiles pages, a default signature for emails, etc.

Here we will look into changing these phrases in order to have a more customized site.


"Kind Regards, Phpfox"

This is the phrase that is used as a signature for outgoing emails. There are two ways to change:
Easy one: just go to AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings: Mail, look for "Sugnature" and replace what is there with whatever text you want.

More personalized one:

First you will need to create a language phrase. This phrase can belong to a product so if you have not done so yet, please create a Product.
Now go to the AdminCP -> Extensions -> Language -> Add Phrase.
Here choose your product from the drop down list. In the "module" drop down you can select "core". This is an access control measure, if this module is disabled the phrase will be disabled as well, but the core module cant be disabled so that guarantees this phrase will be enabled as long as the script runs. The variable name can be all lower case letters and must have no spaces, this would make a good variable for this case:

Now in the "text" field you can add whatever you want, you can use HTML to format your signature. Submit and you should have a new language phrase.

Now lets tell the script to use this phrase: please go to the AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings: Mail. There is a section called "Signature", it references to the previous language phrase so change the text there for:
{phrase var='core.general_site_email_signature'}

if you named your variable differently then make the appropriate change.
Save and to make sure, clear your site's cache by going to AdminCP -> Tools -> Maintenance -> Cache Manager.

Site title, keywords and site description

The site title is what is shown on the web browser at the very top in the window border, by default it reads something like "phpFox - Social Networking Script".
The site description is used by search engines to identify what sort of information your site has, it is also shown in search results, by default its "The ultimate solution for your online community. phpFoX is easy to use, easy to customize and packed full of advanced software features found on most top community websites!"
The keywords are also used for SEO and by default they do not relate to your site.

You can change these by going to the AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings -> Core. Search for "Site Title", "Meta Keywords" and "Meta Description"

Change the logo

You can change your site's logo by going to AdminCP -> Extensions -> Themes -> Manage Themes. Select your theme and click on Manage Styles, then on each of the styles you can click on the menu icon to the left and then on Change Logo

You can also change the logo from the footer bar by replacing the image in:

Change the "Sign Up to..."

The phrase in the core.index-visitor controller that reads "Sign Up and Start Using..." uses the site name, once you change your site name from the AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings -> Manage Settings -> Core: Site Name, it will show there instead.

Change "From" in mail

When sending mail it by default uses the name "null", you can change this by going to the AdminCP -> Settings -> Manage Settings: in the "Global Settings" section find "Mail" and there look for "From", change this to a more appropiate value related to your site

Change Copyright

At the bottom of your site you can read "SiteName©" you can change this from the AdminCP -> Settings -> System Settings: Core, look for "Copyright" and thats it