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Getting support

Getting Support

Even with the best planning there are things that could deviate from what we expected, so its important that you know not only the ways in which you can communicate with us but also how is the best way to do it.

Tips and Etiquette

When we talk to our clients and partners we always maintain a professional and respectful tone, and thus you are expected to do the same in return. Beyond the normal decency policies we would also like to mention a few pointers that would help you get the best of our support department:

  • Be as specific as you can without being redundant. It is important that you are clear in what you want to say, going around the same idea can become confusing, so instead a concise statement is preferred
  • State what you did, what you expected to happen and what actually happened. This is usually the best tip when dealing with any support department.
  • If it is anything related to the looks of the site (an Ad misplaced, an image falling off its place...) do state what browser are you using. The web browser is the one responsible for rendering the web page and they all do not play by the same rules, maybe we got one of those rules wrong but not knowing the browser will force us to ask you in a new reply which is a waste of time.
  • The Phpfox script is in a very mature state, the latest version has been in development for over 2 years now and most of the last year has been spent on fixing bugs so more often than not we will require ftp access to your site, if you feel we may need it please include it in the first message. Please note that we will never ask for your server's root user, Benc Enterprises does not deal with server configurations so this is never needed for us to fix
  • Make sure you submit your ticket to the appropriate department. If you your ticket to Support and you needed an Installation or an Upgrade we will have to move it to the other department, but the time it sat on the first department is wasted time.
  • Do not write everything in capital letters. It is commonly considered as the equivalent of yelling.
  • Use significant subjects for your ticket. We work on a queue, where the oldest addressed ticket gets priority, but we can see the subjects of the other tickets, if you use significant subjects when we are going to the next ticket we will keep in mind what the problem is about and that will help us when attending your ticket. So writing "Emergency", "Please Help" or "I paid for support" will not help the case.
  • If it relates to a problem one of your users told you about, do test it yourself first, it will be faster if you see the problem yourself.
  • Do not reply to the same ticket unless its certainly needed, every reply pushes your ticket to the end of the queue.

When dealing with support requests all the parties involved want to finish the matter quickly, you as a customer want your problem to be solved and we as a provider want to provide the best service we can.