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There is a blank section or a partly blank page

A blank page, now what?

A blank page in the script means something went not perfect, it can be a programming error, a database flaw, anything between your computer and the server...

Fortunately we have debug mode, this little switch will tell us what is happening, if its capable of. Please keep in mind that there are errors that would not allow your server to display even an error message, if this is the case you would do best to contact your hosting company.

First, we dont want to show our problems toe everybody, since we can enable debug mode just for us lets find our IP address. For this article's purpose we will pretend its

Now, open up a light file editor (MS Word is not a good choice) like Gedit or Notepad and place the following there:

if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == '' /* this helps if your site is in your own computer*/
|| $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == '')
// Enable debug

// Debug level

// Log error messages to XML flat file within the cache folder
// Force browsers to re-cache static files on each page refresh

// Force templates re-cache on each page refresh

The first command (Enable debug) is exactly that, telling the script to enable debug, the second one tells which level, level 3 is the highest and it will consume the most resources, but its good for debugging mysql queries as well, lower valid numbers are 2 and 1.

Save that file as dev.sett.php and upload it to the /include/setting folder
Refresh your browser and you should see what the script has to say. It will be a rather confusing message if you're not familiar but heres a tip, if you see a line like this:


Then its talking about a plugin. For more generic cases the message will be more specific (like "cant connect to database").

If the problem is caused by a plugin, you can disable it by going to your phpmyadmin, look for the table phpfox_plugin and disable it by changing the value of the is_active column to 0.

If this wasnt helpful please submit a support ticket providing FTP access, we will gladly fix the problem.