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Video remains "in process"

If when you upload certain videos these remain in process it is possible that the database connection is timing out. To confirm this case you need to make sure that the video is being converted properly (as that is the first step in the uploading routine). This problem should also happen with some longer videos. The actual setting on mysql is called wait_timeout, it is measured in seconds and it tells how long to wait before it kills a connection. The connection is open since the user opens up "this" page, for example if they log in, check their private messages and then they go to the video section a connection is established since they got to the video section, not since they logged in. The video upload routine uploads and converts the video while the database session is still active, so if the conversion takes 40 seconds and your wait_timeout is set to 30 you will have this problem. In phpmyadmin you can check the value for wait_timeout by going to Variables and scrolling all the way down.

If you have enough permissions you can change this value by executing: set @@global.wait_timeout=3000

In a linux default installation this value is set to 28800, but you should judge if this value is appropriate for your site as it may affect other features (it uses memory for longer time so accepting new connections may run your database server out of memory).

Please note that using persistent connections will not help in this case.

You should also change this value in the mysql ini file.

Official mysql documentation on this value found here.