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Change site SEO settings.

For some strange reason I deactivated my account(had so many Google Mail accounts and this one was connected to it. I forgot that my youtube channel was on this). I'm trying to retrieve this video, but for now I can explain in words how to get to the SEO settings.

1. Go to your AdminCP.

2. Settings >> Manage Settings

3. Then click on the link "General".

Once in the General settings, you can change the:

Site Name which will appear on your site pages and in emails.

Site Title which will appear on your site pages the browser tab and for SEO purposes it is a good idea to pick something relevant to your niche.

Copyright you can change this each year or you can add code to make it automagically change .

Site Title Delimiter for SEO purposes and also to help keep spammers from finding your site, you can change this from the default » to something such as | .

Meta Keywords you will want to make relevant keywords for your site. There are many tools online to help find good keywords.

Meta Description keep this relevant to your site niche too as the search engines use this in the results. Better descriptions mean users looking for your niche are more likely to click to go to your site.

Meta Description Profile this is for all of the profile pages. You would not want to make it too long as a short description works best.

We also have other SEO settings:

AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> Search Engine Optimizations please see our recommendations in that blog for these settings:

Meta Description Limit
Meta Keyword Limit
Meta Description Time Stamp
Keyword String Removal
Profile Title

Here are some other settings in the Search Engine Optimizations:

Crop URLs this setting will be for how long you want your urls on the site. Default is 75.

Blog Meta Description this is for the blog module and you would want to put something relevant to your niche.

Friends Meta Keywords change this to be relevant to your niche also.

Add rel="nofollow" on External Links this is a good SEO tool to keep bots from following possible spam links and penalizing your site for them.

Photo Meta Description again, the better the description is for your site for different modules, the better the SEO will be so change this for your niche.

Remove Site Title this helps with SEO because it assists with duplicate content issues.

Poll Meta Description if you use Polls, you want a unique description for your site niche.

Quiz Meta Keywords
be sure to put relevant keywords for your site niche for the Quiz module.

Video Meta Keywords change to be relevant to your niche. Search engines like videos so this is important.

Blog Meta Keywords very important to SEO as search engines tend to look here first. Be sure to make these relevant.

Photo Meta Keywords another one important to search engines so be sure to set this for good keywords for your site niche.

How many categories to show in title this is for photos and you can choose how many categories will show up in the title.

Poll Meta Keywords you want relevant keywords for your site if you use this module.

Quiz Meta Description it's always important to change the description of modules you use in order to make them relevant for search engine results.

Video Meta Description be sure to change this so it's relevant to your site niche.