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Making a new default avatar

This is A simple little tutorial which will help you make your own custom avatars.

What you need


    1. Open your image with photoshop
    2. Duplicate the layer
    3. Create a new layer and fill it with white - move the layer to the bottom of the layer panel so that the white background fills the image (this just makes editing easier)
    4. Right click on the new layer duplicated in step 2 and select "blending options"
    5. Turn on "Gradient Overlay" and select your desired gradient. Have a play with the blending mode, style etc. until you have the desired effect. You can get more creative if you like.

    Here is a sample of what I done in only a few minutes. Obviously you would spend more time and find a better image:

    You can download additional gradients from the web. There are literally thousands of excellent free gradients you can download. Remember that when you have finished editing your photo, you will need to resize your images to match the default icons in your fox installation. You should also crop and remove the white layer to reduce size.