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How to Create Template override Folders

This Is just a quick Tutorial to explain how to create an template override folder so You can edit the Module Template files with out have to worry about updates overriding your template edits later on.First say You have a theme Called Test which uses the the folder test then say you wanted to make template edits to the blog Mod ..1. goto the Blog Module folder and then to the template folder you'll see a folder called default well in that folder create a folder which your theme uses( the above example uses test as its folder so create the folder test in the template folder then create two more folders in that folder called block and controller so you structure should look like this
then copy which ever templates you want to edit to the respectful folder then edit them how ever you like and do not have to worry about updates overriding your your edits(now if the default templates were updated with major changes and you want the new changes just copy the new ones to your template then reapply your edits!also you can override CSS files all so if the module has its on CSS file like this..go to for example:
their you'll see a folder called default with another folder in it called default also with an css file in it call profile.css well do this numberMake these folders
Now you can also edit the Css and have the same effect as with the templates!where as {themefolder} is the folder your theme uses and {stylefolder} is the folder your style usesHopes this helps allshade