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Add DOB Disclaimer

Most of us have struggled with displaying of a member's date of birth on our sites. Currently if set, the default is Day, Month and Year and of course a member can change that in privacy settings but do they really go there or know to do so right away?
I have addressed that issue by including a disclaimer in a form of a popup box link right next to Date of Birth registration field. This disclaimer informs the member why we ask for DOB and that they can change how it displays on their profile in privacy settings.
All through your AdminCPanelAdd a page in your Page Manager and call it dob (or whatever you wish) and make sure you choose "core" in the module options.
In the data write your disclaimer, explain why you ask for dob, what you do with it and more importantly let them know about their options in privacy settings.Go to your Phrase Manager and add the link text of your choice.
For example for myself I chose: Module=core, Varname=dob_why, Text=Why?Then go to your template manager and find register/step2.html.php
Then look for this :{select_date start_year=$sDobStart end_year=$sDobEnd field_separator=' / ' field_order='MDY'} and right after that add the following code:
<a href="#" onclick="tb_show('Date of Birth Info', $.ajaxBox('page.view', 'height=85&width=350&title=[COLOR="Red"]dob[/COLOR]')); return false;">{phrase var='core.dob_why'}</a>

Save everything and clear your cache!You now have a great little way of keeping your members at piece with such important information. ...and at the same time you are being transparent which is great nowadays with online business! If you need help, please let me know and I will assist you!M
PS... Thanks coolwurkz!Notes: Make your disclaimer short and to the point!
Make your link whatever you like... I used "Why?"
Adjust Height and Width for the Ajax box accordingly.
"Title=" is what calls the page in the code ...make sure you type it correctly.