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Add phrases from 3rd party products to all installed languages

Hello everyone,

A few recent queries from our clients have alerted us to a problem with the way phpFox currently handles multi-language for 3rd party products.

When installing a 3rd party product, if you have multiple language packs already installed, the variables in these additional languages will not be automatically created.

In order to create all of the required variables for the product, in all of the languages you have installed, simply follow the steps included below.

In the following instructions we refer to our very own Virtual Gifts product, but you should be able to use the same method with any other package which has it's language integrated with phpFox's multi-language system.

1. Within your phpFox installation, navigate to:


... in this directory, create a new directory named:


... so your directory structure now looks like this:


2. Within the Virtual Gifts installation package you were provided with, find the following file:


... and upload that file to the directory you have just created:


3. Next, rename the file you have just uploaded to:


... within your phpFox installation you should now be left with:


4. Finally, log into your admin panel and navigate to:

Extensions >> Language >> Manage Language Packs

... click the arrow next to the language pack you want to create the new variables in, and choose:

Find Missing Phrases

... once this process has finished, the new phrases should now appear in your phrase manager.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you'd like any assistance. Always backup before attempting any major changes!