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[ Tutorial ] Classic Shoutbox

WARNING: Code bellow will remove avatars from the Shoutbox.

Go to the Admin Control Panel and select "Extensions/Theme/Manage Themes" from the menu bar.

Then select "Edit Templates" from the drop down menu.

Now scroll down till you find ShoutBox and click on it.

Next open up the entry.html.php Template.

Find the following code ...

{img user=$aShoutout suffix='_20_square' max_width=20 max_height=20 style='vertical-align:middle;'} {$aShoutout|user:'':'':30}
		<div class="extra_info">
		<div class="p_4">

... and replace it with:

[ {$aShoutout.time_stamp|date:'shoutbox.shoutbox_time_stamp'} ] {$aShoutout|user:'':'':30} <strong>:</strong> {$aShoutout.text}

If you like you could also change the Shoutout Time Stamp to g:i (12-hour Format and Minutes with leading zeros) or h:i (24-hour Format and Minutes with leading zeros) so that the time stamp doesn't take up to much space in the Shoutbox. You could also use a capital G or H if you want the hours to have leading zeros.

IF you make a mistake or do not like the end result, feel free to revert back to the default template Smile