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Change Phpfox Defaut FBConnect button

This is my Fbconnect button
And here is how I did
Backup your file lmodule/facebook/include/plugin/user.template_controller_login_block__end.php
to module/facebook/include/plugin/user.template_controller_login_block__end.php.BACK-UP
Go to
Facebook Connect Wizard
I choose my button to be large
Create your button like you see in the screenshot and copy the code given, paste that code in new blank document in your notepad or dreamweaverNow open module/facebook/include/plugin/user.template_controller_login_block__end.phpFind:
Or login with:
and delete itFind

and replace with
<fb:login-button v="2" size="large"

note if you choose your buttom to be medium this peace will be <fb:login-button v="2" size="medium"Find:

and after that add your button text here. for instance (Or Login to My Arcade Area Using Facebook)Save it and upload to module/facebook/include/plugin/user.template_controller_login_block__end.php
Go to admincp and clear your site cache, finally logout to see your new Button.