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OMG! I deleted myself as Admin!

I Think I have seen were some have accidentally deleted there account as an administrator of their site. Now you cannot login to your admin panel.

Here is a quick fix I would think. most have cpanel with phpmyadmin.

1. Sign up as a regular user that you would like to be admin.
2. login to your cpanel and go to phpmyadmin.
3. click on your database for the site.
4. on the left find phpfox_user and click on it.
5. on the right you will see a list of users. Find the one you would like to make an Admin and click on the little pencil icon to edit.
6. on the third one down you should see user_group_id. to the far right you will see were it says value. change the value to a 1. click GO.

I tried this on my dev site and it worked. but someone can of course correct my if I'm wrong, or better idea.