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Place language chooser on top!

Well this is simple but because is simple doesn't mean everybody knows how,
people PM me to ask haw so instead of teach to one person only I will post it here.
If you can do it better "teach us"
Oh! Silly me, forgot to say where to add the code. lol I always do that.
Someone here in the forum teached me but I don't remember who was it.
This will place the language on the top menu next to the "Settings" and "Logout" menuGo to admincp/Extension/Theme/Manage Theme/Your-Theme/Edit Templates/template.html.phpFind:

{unset var=$aRightMenus var2=$aMenu var3=$iKey}
and below that paste:

<li><a href="#" id="select_lang_pack2" onclick="tb_show(oTranslations['core.language_packages'], $.ajaxBox('', 'height=300&amp;width=300')); return false;">{if Phpfox::getParam('language.display_language_flag') && !empty($sLocaleFlagId)}<img src="{$sLocaleFlagId}" alt="{$sLocaleName}" class="v_middle" /> {/if}{$sLocaleName} {img theme='layout/selector_arrow.gif' alt=''}</a></li>