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adding an online icon instead of green boarder

Here is how you add an online image instead of that green boarder in version 21. you need to open root/theme/frontend/default/style/default/css/layout.css
if you have another template as default you will have to look for in that folder.
2. Find this blockimg.image_online_status
border:1px #6BBA70 solid;
}3. change to thisimg.image_online_status
background-image: url(image-url);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: center, bottom;
}4. you can change the padding to whatever you want it to be5. The image should be in the images folder under theme/frontend/default/css/images/layout Makes it easier if pic is there.6. that will add the image under all sections that show avatar. Any issues, I can try and help.