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Add New Users tab to the Whats New Section

If you want to add New Users tab to the Whats New Section follow below.Please NoteThis tutorial requires editing of core files and could be overwritten when you update, please bear this in mind.Open

at end of file
public function getWhatsNew()
		return array(
			'user.users' => array(
				'ajax' => '#user.getNew?id=js_new_item_holder',
				'id' => 'user',
				'block' => ''
It will display the last 8 users to join in a Users tab in the Whats New box, clear your cache after uploading the edited file.If you want to change the number displayedOpen

find and change
public function getNew($iLimit = 8)
Change the 8 to whatever you like.Save the file and reupload.Clear your cache afterwardsDisclaimerThis tutorial is provided as is for members of this forum and must not be reproduced on any other site/forums without consent.