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How to Install themes in V2

To install a theme in V2 is a fairly straightforward process.

1. Upload the contents of the Themes Upload folder to your root folder using your FTP program.

2. Go to your Adminpanel -> Extensions -> Theme -> Import Themes

3. You will now see a list off themes that are waiting to be installed, find the theme you just uploaded and click on Install on the right.

This theme will now be active and available in the customise sections on your site.

If you want to set this theme as your default, follow the following steps

Adminpanel -> Extenstions -> Theme -> Manage Themes

You will see a list of the themes on your site

Click the dropdown arrow on the left of theme and select Manage Styles, now find the style you want to be default and click on the Red Dot to make it the active theme.

Click on Update

Clear your Cache afterwards


This tutorial is provided as is for members of this forum and must not be reproduced on any other site/forums without consent.