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How to iframe external sites


This really is a simple thing to do but thought i would share it for anyone who is new or does not know how embed an outside site or script using an iframe.

I recently created a cafepress store which i wanted to appear within my site and the best way to add it was via an iframe. Now this is not an integration, so users would still have to sign up if you are using a script or site that would require a sign up.

I will reveal the code first and then break it down to explain each part.

The Code:
<iframe src="" name="iframename" scrolling="yes" align="center" height "1000px" width "1000px">

The first part you will notice a url after <iframe src=" this is where you will put your sites url. For example you are embedding a cafepress store, you would simply add the url to your store.

You can then name the iframe but i never do that personally.

You can set scroll to yes or no. If you site you are embedding may change in size from time to time you might want to set it YES. This won't have to keep changing the size of the iframe.

Finally you can set the size of the iframe and align it. I normally keep it centered. The size you will need to play with until fits on your site.

All you do is add that code when you create a new page. With v2, you can set seo keywords and description when creating the page so you wont miss out on seo.

Hope this helps.