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How to make a welcome intro block

First, you want to add a new component to your site.

Here is what I entered for the welcome intro component

Next, create a file called welcomeintro.class.php

the contents of the file should be...
class Core_Component_Block_Welcomeintro extends Phpfox_Component
    public function 

Now you'll upload the file to the following directory


Next create a file called welcomeintro.html.php

In this file, you can use HTML to form your welcome intro. For example, my welcome intro is only an image.
<img src="">

upload this file to the following directory

Now you will be adding a new block via the admincp

I put the intro in block 2, but you can put it wherever you see fit.

Here is what my "manage blocks" screen looks like (notice I moved the user:register to block 1 and I unchecked invite:find

This is what my site looks like with the new welcome intro block