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Create your own product

By creating your own product you can make sure that you are separating your customizations from the core phpfox script, this is useful for debugging problems in your site and monitor performance and other stability.

To create your own product just go to the AdminCP -> Extensions -> Product -> Create New Product, in there you will find:
Product Id: An internal name, try to avoid spaces and accentuated characters, for example "myFirstProduct" (without quotes) is a good example.
Title: The name you will see from the adminCP, here you could use "My First Product" (without quotes)
Product URL: If you advertise it somewhere this is a good link to post here. This field is not mandatory, so if you are only working on your own site and do not plan on releasing this product you can leave it blank.
Version Check URL: This is the link to the XML file that checks for the latest version of this product, again if you are working on your site and do not plan on releasing this product after you can leave it blank. This field is also non mandatory.