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Add other custom fields for members (profile options).

To add more profile options for a musicians do the following:

1. Go to your AdminCP.

2. Go to the menu Users >> Custom Fields >> Add Custom Field.

3. At Product: choose phpFox.

4. Module: choose Custom.

5. Group: choose the profile option you want, example About Me.

6. User Group: choose the user group you want(by default Musicicans), but you can add more user groups by following this article*.

7. Location: choose which area you want the field to be visible on a member's profile. Example Users Profile - Main Section.

8. Required: - if you want your members to add data to this option(requiring them to).

9. Include on Registration: - include when signing up for the user group.

10. Type: If you want a large text box for your members to write a lot, small text box for your members to write something short or a selection option, if you have a question and you want the members to choose one answer.

11. Click Add.

* The "Musician" User Group Only Allowed Within Custom Fields.