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Install Instructions Build 1.6.21


At this point you should have the zip archive "unzipped", which should have contents similar to those shown in this structure guide:

* tools/
* upload/
* Readme.html

Go into the folder "upload/", which should have contents similar to those shown in this structure guide:

* design/
* file/
* include/
* install/
* plugins/
* site/
* index.php
* robots.txt

Upload the files and folders to your site using an FTP client. Be sure to overwrite any old files.

Once that is completed we can move on to the next step.
CHMOD & File Permissions

With the Konsort package there are certain folders and files that need write permission in order to execute certain tasks.

Below you will find the files and folders that must have full write permission (in some cases this means 0777 but you should ask your hosting provider for the safest setting) in order for the script to be installed:

* install/file/
* file/cache/
* file/chat/
* file/music_folder/
* file/videos/
* file/videos/image/
* file/videos/src/
* file/backups/
* file/pic/
* file/pic/album/
* file/pic/forum/
* file/pic/gallery/
* file/pic/gallery/thumb/
* file/pic/groups/gallery/
* file/pic/groups/gallery/thumb/
* file/pic/user/
* file/pic/user_bg/
* file/pic/membership/
* file/smile/
* file/smile/emo/
* file/style/
* file/style/konsort/
* file/style/konsort/phpfox.jpg
* file/style/konsort/style.css
* file/templates_c/
* file/templates_p/

Once you have completed CHMODING all the needed files and folders please continue to the next step.
Using the Web-Installer

An installer is provided to assist you in entering the information phpFoX Konsort needs to connect to your MySQL database and to create your new administrators account.

Run the installer file through your web browser by entering the URL into your browser address bar (if you have followed our example, type in, naturally substituting '' for your web address.)

Then follow these steps:
Step 1: Language Selection

Select which language you would like the installer to use.
Step 2: License

Abide to the License Agreement to continue to the next step.
Step 3: System Check

Step 3 will consist of checking your server if it meets the software requirements and the correct file permission layout.
Step 4: Installation info

This step is where you will need to know your MySQL username and password. If you do not know it, please ask your web host - in most cases it is different from the FTP log in information.

The form is very straightforward, with only the following points needing closer examination. If you do not know what your "MySQL Host" is, try "localhost" (without the quotes). If the MySQL server is on the same server as your website (and in most cases it is) this will suffice. If you have created a new database for phpFoX Konsort, or wish to use an existing database, enter the name of the database in the appropriate field.

Under the MySQL setup table you will have the Server Configuration table. There you will find where it says "Does your server support the Apache Rewrite Engine?", this setting is for those who have a server that supports Apache's Rewrite Module. If you are not sure what this is please ask your host or view this guide. In short phpFoX uses this module to allow URL's to be shorter then the default method.


Rewrite ON:

Rewrite OFF:

Both methods are fine, though we would advise turning ON the rewrite engine if you have support for it since search bots seem to like it.

Once you have selected if you want to use the Rewrite engine you will have to fill out basic details for your site. First enter an Admin user name you would like, note that you will not be able to change this once your site is up and running. As for the password you can change that at anytime. Last but not least enter your sites title, name and the main contact email. These last settings can be changed at anytime from the Admin CP.

After submitting the form, you will be informed of any errors, if you do not encounter any errors you will then be asked to start the install process.
Step 5: Finishing Installation

Step 7 is your final step to install your package.

You will find a file called server.sett.php in the folder install/file/. You will have to move that file to the folder: include/settings/

The file we have just moved will have content similar to the code below:

global $_CONF;

$_CONF = array();
$_CONF['db']['host'] = 'localhost';
$_CONF['db']['user'] = '%username%';
$_CONF['db']['pass'] = '%password%';
$_CONF['db']['name'] = '%database%';
$_CONF['db']['prefix'] = '%prefix%';

$_CONF['path'] = dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))).'/';
$_CONF['domain'] = '%domain%';
$_CONF['host'] = $_CONF['domain'].'/';
$_CONF['http'] = 'http://';
$_CONF['https'] = 'http://';

$_CONF['rewrite_engine'] = false;
$_CONF['path_translated'] = false;

This stores your database, domain and rewrite engine settings. If you ever need to move your site or change these settings this is the file to do that.

Next if you installed your system with the rewrite engine you will also have to move a file called "htaccess" (without the quotes). Move that to your sites root directory and then you will have to rename that file to ".htaccess" (without the quotes). Note if your site does not have the Rewrite engine mod installed then you can skip this step.

This step can easily be done via your FTP client by dragging and dropping each file into the specified directory.

Click on the "Continue to the next step" button you have at the bottom of that page for your final "congrats" page. We advise that you remove the install/ folder for security purposes.

Congratulations! phpFoX Konsort installation has successfully been completed!