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Subcriptions FAQ

This is a small guide to understand some of the concepts we use, so you can larify your doubts.

First, I recommend you to read this article before continue with this little FAQ.

I also will make this in form of question/answer, so I can separate the concepts.

  1. Into the AdminCP -> Modules -> Subscription -> Purchase orders, there are some invoices with different status. What do they mean? Which is the difference?

  2. R/ There are 4 possible status for an invoice:
    Canceled: The user has canceled the subscription and has reverted to the "User group on failure" you configured in the Subscription package.
    Active: The user has paid the subscription and was moved to his new membership.
    Pending Payment: (Only recurring subscriptions) This means the subscription period has expired and needs to pay the renewal.
    Pending action: The user has not paid yet for the subscription the member has chosen.
  3. At what point does the member pay?

  4. R/ If you have configured the subscriptions to be added at the registration, users will be redirected to pay just after the registration or after their first login. Otherwise, they can pay going to the Home page, and clicking on the "Upgrades" tab of the Dashboard. Here, they can proceed with the payment.
  5. Some members has access to the site but have not paid yet. How can I remove permissions to these users until they pay?

  6. R/ Sometimes, this happens because the user group selected for the option "User Group on Failure" has more permissions than needed. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove permissions following this guide.
    Another option is to edit the subscription package and select "Guest" in the option "User Group on Failure".

We will be adding more soon!