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Enable Ads creation for non-admin users

By default, only administrators can create Ads through the AdminCP. However, phpFox offers a feature to allow non-admin users to create ads, similarly as facebook does.

First, you need to set-up your payment gateway, to receive the payment for the ad spaces.

Second, the Administrator of the site needs to set up the places where the non-admin users can place their ads, and the price for placing it. To do so, log into your AdminCP and go to:
Modules >> Ads >> Ads Placements

After that, if you want to, for example, allow Registered Users to create ads, log into your AdminCP and go to:
Users >> User Group Manager >> Manage User Groups

This page will list all the available user groups. Lets work with the following user group:
Registered User

Click the drop down icon for that user group and then click on:
Manage User Settings

All user group settings are grouped into modules based on the module they belong to. In this case we are going to be editing a setting that belongs to the:

Look for and enable the setting:
Can create ad campaigns?

After enabling this setting, Registered Users will have a new footer menu link "Advertise", where they can create their own ads.