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Forum Permissions - How to Make a Forum Private or Add Moderators

If you only want certain groups to see your forums here is how to set the permissions and/or add moderators.


Click on the name of the forum that you want to manage.

You can then select to Manage Permissions to set permissions or Manage Moderators to add moderators.

When you set permissions, you will select a group that is NOT allowed to view this forum. So select the group and select "NO" for permissions. After you click to save it will do nothing to show you that it worked. Test that it saved by having a test user in this user group to sign in as and see if you can view the forum. You need to do this per group so after doing one group, move on to the next group in the same way.

Adding Moderators

You select the moderators to add once in the Manage Moderators screen. Click "Use Selected" after selecting the moderators you want. Select the things that they can do as moderators. Click "Save".