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What Is A Website Also What Is Phpfox
Planning For Success
Getting Support
How to create the sitemap to my website

Installing, Upgrading & Branding Removal, Import Scripts

How to assign branding removal to your license/
Guide on how to import users from se/
How to download the phpfox script/
Error no input file specified using godadddy hosting solution
Upgrading your site from v2 to v3
Upgrading product package
Hosting The Phpfox Script Ftp Script Requirements
Installing The Product
Video Tutorial Fresh Installation Of Phpfox 2
Upgrading The Product
Protecting Your Install Upgrade Folder
Install Branding Removal
Video Tutorial Upgrading 1 6 To 2 0
Install Instructions Build 1 6 21
Information On How To Build An Import Script For Users
Guide On How To Import Users From Ning
How to Re-install Base phpFox Quickly and Painlessly
Move the site to other hosting
Most common secure file permissions

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Introduction to cache/
Mysql cluster intro/
V3-6-0 beta1 settings/
Couchbase cache memcache/
Site tip for set up templates/
Site tip for set up multiple admins/
Site tip 1 for set up/
How to limit certain ip ranges to access website using htaccess/
Distributed file system compatibility/
How to get mysql replication up and running/
how to install memcached on a centos server/
Change your domain for your license
Storing images videos songs on separate servers
Install ffmpeg mplayer mencoder ffmpeg php on centos 5x automatically

Debug, Backup, Troubleshooting, Clear Cache, Site Maintenance

How to fix blank page when uploading updating user-s profile photo when rackspace cdn is configured/
Tips on improving performance of phpfox part 1/
How to find your phpfox version for your site/
Optimize tables for better performance
Admin errors for file permissions how to fix/
Basics of reading a debug message/
how to increase mysql connection limit error too many connections/
how to reset all members custom css for profiles/
My Site Speed Tips
How to clear your web-browser-s cache cookies and history
Enabling Debug Mode
Improving the scalability and performance of phpfox
Clear Your Site S Cache
Backup My Website
Full Site Backup Restore Guide
Backup Database
Problems With The Mail
There Is A Blank Section Or A Partly Blank Page
Video Remains In Process
Oops I Deleted My Terms Of Use Page
Omg I Deleted Myself As Admin
Free search in phpmyadmin
Quick Benchmark on New Add-ons
Reduce the size of data tables with a cron job
How do I increase upload file limit from 2mb under apache 2 web server
Where is ffmpeg mencoder/
Upload photo on mobile site tutorial

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Custom keywords and description for a specific item url/
How to add nofollow urls for seo


Deterring spammers/
How to set up the anti spam questions
Spam fighting tip 1/
How To Get Askimet To Work
Enable Akismet Spam Protection
Spam Prevention

Short Urls

Short Urls & Rewrite Rules
How To Shorten Links In Phpfox 2 0
Shorten Url S

Admin Guides and Tips

Admincp User Guide
Video Tutorial Remove Warnings On Admincp
Disable Double Login For Admincp
Adding Another Admin Account 2
Adding Another Admin Account
Remove Duplicates From Admincp
Basic User Guide

Logos and Favicon

Change Your Site Logo
Video Tutorial Change Site Logo
How To Change The Footer Bar Logo
Change Favicon
Change phpfox gif from customize template thumbnail images

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Set up a Development Site, Create Add-ons, Create Pages and Blocks, Coding Tutorials

Accessing php library functions from outside of phpfox/
Libraries and phpfox/
How to make a block in admincp in v3
How to process a form crud operation with phpfox
Working with jquery and phpfox v3
Creating an app
Tips for Developers
Setting Up A Development Site
Setting Up A Development Site From A Live Site
Moving The Development Site To The Production Site
Using Curl With Xampp
How To Enable Mysql Replication
How To Enable Memcached
From Page To Php How To Find Specific Code
Primer on hooks plugins
Show Total Views in a Blog
Get List Of Friends
Check if 2 users are friends
Creating Your First Add On
Create Your Own Module
Create Your Own Product
Quickly Create A Full Block
How to make a drag and drop block with a header
Setting A Title For Your Php Controller
Creating A Page Controller Method
Add a Page That Can Have Its Own Blocks, Beginner Level
Create A Page
Create A Page 2
Create A New Static Page
Video Tutorial How To Create A New Custom Page
Add Javascript And Css Files To Your Pages
Assign Variables To The Template
Template Tags In Phpfox
Mini Tut Basics Of Phpfox Ajax
Plugin For Devs Custom Meta Tags
Adding Payment Gateways
Script Redirection
Implementing Cache
Create a new user group setting to allow disallow membership in admincp
How to add a feature to a page using plugin and jquery

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Templates, CSS, Themes and Styles, Website Styling Tutorials

Here is a list of css files and what they change
how to change the website font style editing the css/
How to use firebug to find which file to edit your css
Change icons
Designing with phpfox v3
Create a new theme
Video Tutorial How To Install Themes In Phpfox V2
How To Install Themes In V2
Installing Upgrading A Style
Installing Upgrading A Theme
The Basics To Create A Theme Style
Editing Your Sites Css
Editing Your Sites Templates
Creating Your Site S Looks
Designers Customize The Description For Blocks
Special Features When Creating A Theme
How To Create Template Override Folders
Making A New Default Avatar
About Thumbnail Sizes in the Site
Beautify your registration form validation using css
Custom css red style

Language, Phrase Manager

Change text to rtl
How to change phrases ie kind regards in phpfox/
Translate user group names
how to create a language package/
Translate categories for blog photos forum etc
Auto-detect users language
Using Phrase Manager And Var Name
Tutorial How To Translate Categories
How To Install A Language Package
How To Edit A Phrase
Translating Categories Pages & Blocks
Add Phrases From 3rd Party Products To All Installed Languages

Customizations, Adding Site Stats, Countries/States/Provinces

How to change all the database tables collations/
How to change all users from one group to another intermediate tutorial/
Disable site-wide ajax browsing for certain links/
Creative ways to use genders and relationships in phpfox/
Join a page automatically upon registration/
Add Sharethis
How to change the recaptcha theme and font
How to change the default user avatar/
How to copy a block from within admincp
forum signature last upload photo/
modification custom page 404 or page not found/
Send an email to admins on login attempt failed/
How to change the order of countries
How to remove new guest list block in invite pages
how to place a video in the front page/
Removing user photos from the sites index page V3
Adding User Group to User Browse V3
Counters make every view count
Change welcome intro message
Change profile picture size limit
How to change the front page world image V3
How to remove the customize dashboard link
Donate paypal button v3 and v2
How To Rearrange The Whats New Block
Add New Users Tab To The Whats New Section
Videos Permission Allow Guess To See Video Page But Forcelogin To Watch Video
Spotlight Video Autostart
Video Count Modification
Change Uploaded Video Player Size
Increasing Music Upload Limit
Site Stats Add Marketplace
Site Stats Add Videos
Add Onclick Confirm To Logout Menu
How To Iframe External Sites
Add Google Search To Your Site
How To Change The Number Of Recent Logins
Adding An Online Icon Instead Of Green Boarder
How To Make An Ipod Icon So Members Can Add Your Site Toadd To Home Screen
Shoutbox Submit Button
Place Language Chooser On Top
Video Thumbnail Hack For Consideration For New Sites
Tutorial Classic Shoutbox
How To Get Prochatrooms Working With The Footerbar Imenabled
How To See Index Visitor Without Loging Out And Add It Tomembers Menu
How To Insert Cu3er In Your Homepage
Add Dob Disclaimer
Openid Login Bar Keep Icons In One Line Tutorial
Show Genres For Non Musicians
How To Add Custom Meta Tags
Change References To Phpfox
Changing The Url Of Your Site
Countries and States or Provinces
How to expand your mobile site add photos video settings etc
Flowplayer commercial license

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Ads, Sponsors, Announcements

How to add ad placements for front end user ads
advanced ad filters for state province zip code postal code and city/
How to add google adsense in all the pages
How to enabled purchase a sponsored ad space in marketplace
How to enable multiple ads in v3
Create An Advertisement Ad Banner
Create Ad Campaigns
Enable Ads Creation For Non Admin Users
Adding Sponsor Support
How To Add An Announcement

Facebook and Janrain

Facebook error a valid privacy policy url must be provided in order to be compliant with facebook platform policy
enabling janrain/
dealing with the token not set error when trying to include your site in a facebook page/
Enabling Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect User Settings
Change Phpfox Defaut Fbconnect Button
Facebook Activity Feed Block
How to Add Facebook Games or Any Other Games with Facebook Connect to Your Site

User Groups, Custom Fields, User Group Settings, Managing Users, Subscriptions, Cancellations
How to enable google maps for events/
Hide members from user browse and search v3-5/
Setting to allow remove friend button on profile v3-5/
How to disable the add cover photo
How to change a user to a different user group
Member browse in one column or multiple columns/
How to stop guests from using the member browse
How to change the size limit for music uploads per user group
How to add manage cancellations
How to create a user group/
How to log in as a member-member-snoop/
steps-for-creating-custom-groups-fields-v-3-3/ sitewide
Changing user-s mail settings
Custom fields with custom groups for v3
Membership comparison v3
How to allow members to delete comments v3
Change relationship status
Manage User Group Settings
Change Sign Up Form
Let Members Login Using Their Email Or Username
Redirect Users After They Login
Approve New Member
Close Site Off From Non Registered Guests
Enable Age Limit
How To Create A Promotion
Disable Preferred Currency In User Account Settings
Video Tutorial Change Photo Size Limit
Change Photo Size Limit
Change Photo Size Limit
The Musician User Group Only Allowed Within Custom Fields V2
Create Custom Fields That Save Data V2
Create Custom User Fields V2
Add Other Custom Fields For Members Profile Options
Video Tutorial How To Add Custom Fields
Make Url S Clickable In Custom Fields
How To Add New Genders
How To Rename A Member S Username
Subcriptions Faq
Enable Subscriptions
How Do I Enable The Subscription Module
Updates Or Feeds Only Between Members Friends
Allow Video Uploads
Upload videos greater than 2mb
Enable Uploading Of Songs
Force Profile Photos To Be Uploaded
Add Captcha To The Signup Section
User Groups Management Musician Accounts And Specialprivileges And Behavio
Manage Activity Points
Find Out How Many Members You Have
Rename Display Name or Full Name and Leave User Name on the Registration Process
Enable buy now button in marketplace

Managing Blocks, Menus

Creating icon menus or replacing text menu with icon/
How to make drop down menu for any menu/
Managing Blocks v3/
How to hide the main menu from guests/
Adding menu item under actions drop down menu under the blog section
Adding menus v3
How to change menus in v3
How to add or manage mobile icons menus v3-2
Stop Users From Removing Profile Blocks
Deactive Or Remove A Block On The Site 2
Deactive Or Remove A Block On The Site
How To Make A Welcome Intro Block
Video Tutorial How To Create A Block Welcome Phpfox V2
Video Tutorial Add The Music Quot Latest Quot Block To Indexmember
Forum Tutorial Block To Show The Last 5 Thread Entries
Scrolling Block With A Background Image
How To Add New Drop Down Menus
Remove An Item From The Explore Menu
Remove Menu From Visitors
Video Tutorial How To Make A Menu With Sub Menus
Creating A Follow Me On Twitter And Fb Block
Remove Phpfox Twitter And Or Updates Block From Admincp

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Manage Settings, Emoticons, Extensions, Modules, Payment Gateways, Terms of Use/Privacy

Admincp guest counter for v3-5 and up/
How to enabled the enabled vid-ly support/
Comments in the feed settings/
Photo battles/
Delete original photo after resize v3-5/
Use iframe from youtube instead of object
Enable days to expire and days to notify of expiring listings for marketplace-v3-5/
Enable check in feature v3-5/
Dynamic photos and show albums or photos in gallery in v3-5/
How to enabled share on facebook twitter
How to enabled invite only feature
How to configure the gmail as smtp server
How to add and manage categories for photos etc
Show feed for friends only
How to add new tinymce buttons by admincp/
How to disable the social share button/
Make invited members friends with inviter
Contact us managing and settings
How to disallow friend requests from blocked members
Add comments to the main feed or Hide Them
add a registration step/
how to enable friend suggestions/
split display name into first last names/
hide areas of admincp from staff/
re-enter email upon registration/
purchase with activity points/
select profile landing page/
show- page fan page admins and founder/
claim a page fan page/
profile user id connection
Rename photo names v3 feature
New like feature in v3-3
Add google checkout as a payment gateway
How to enable social sharing on activity feed
Enable pdf support using attachments
Edit global settings
How to disable activity points from the dashboard
How to allow members to edit photos after mass uploading v3-3
Timeline settings v3-3
How to enable threaded mail v3
How to enable simple password recovery v3
Enabling the gifts for v3-2x
Control default privacy setting for dob date of birth
Disable profile photo within gallery
Friends only community change global privacy setting
How To Edit Terms Of Use About Us Privacy Policy
Disable Or Enable A Module Feature
How To Activate The Footerchat
Enable Chat Im
Disable Footer Bar
Enabling The Video Module
How To Enable Quot Like Quot System
Video Tutorial Uploading & Installing Emoticons In Phpfox 20
Add Emoticons
Adding More Extensions To Attachments 2
Adding More Extensions To Attachments
How To Enable Amazon S3 Support
How To Add New Currencies
How To Enable The Exchange Rate Api
Setting up a Paymet Gateway
Disable Payment Gateways
Editing Meta Keywords & Descriptions
Change Site Seo Settings
How To Enable Tinymce The Wysiwyg Text Editor

Third Party Add-Ons, Installing Plugins

Use picup to upload photos from an iphone
How To Install & Manage Third Party Plugins Mods Inphpfox 2 0
Installing Upgrading A Product
Upgrading Product Package

Front End User Guide

How to use tinymce to create links/
How to load profile photos/
Search for users using custom fields/
Pages and groups v3/
How to remove members from a page group
pages groups icon support for widgets/
How your members can delete im chat history
Custom-design a page/group for V3
Add Blogs with Videos Pics Attachments
Basic Front End User Guide
Use bbcode to post php code w o breaking the code


How to set the ban filters/

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