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How to Add Facebook Games (or any other games with facebook connect) to Your Site

Almost everyone that comes to my site has asked how I got Farmville integrated. It's not a true integration but is iframed into a page and I have this mod, but I think it will work with the default Facebook connect activated as well. If your member signs in with Facebook connect and they go to the page you will make for the game, it will automatically sign them in (they may have to agree the first time).

Make a Page (AdminCP--CMS--Pages--Add New Page)(See screen shot)
AdminCP--CMS--Pages--Add New Page
Product: phpFox
Module: User
Page Title: (I put the name of the game)
Fill in what you want for Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Tags
Active: Yes
Use Entire Page: Yes
Add Bookmark Links: No
Add Page Views: No
Add To Menu: Yes
User Group Access: (Whomever you want to have access)

Page Data:
<iframe src="" name="iframename" scrolling="yes" align="left" height = "1500px" width = "985px"> 

For the iframe src you put the game you are linking to. Submit.

You will create your menu after Submit.

Connection: (Choose where you want this)
Language Package Details: (Title for your Menu)
User Group Access: (Whomever you want to have access)