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Setting up a payment gateway

In order to receive payments in your site (for subscriptions, ads, sponsor blocks, e-gifts, among other) it is necessary to set up a payment gateway in your site.

By default, phpFox offers 2checkout and paypal as payment gateways. In case you want to add other gateways, check this article for more info.

To configure your payment gateway, log into your AdminCP and go to:
Settings >> Payment Gateways

Once here, you can edit the information of the gateway and if it is active or not. Click on the drop-down option at the left of the gateway, and select "Edit Gateway Settings".

Once here, you will have two options at the right: test mode and active. Click on the red buttons next to the desired payment gateway to enable the test mode and/or if the gateway is active.

The site will show you a form where you can edit the title of the gateway, the description to be displayed about the gateway (when a user is purchasing anything in your site), if the gateway is in test mode, if it is active or not, and of course, the email address (in the case of paypal) or vendor id and secret word (in the case of 2checkout) associated to your account in that payment gateway.