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How to (re)install base phpfox quickly and painlessly!

I have found a quick way to reinstall phpfox while messing around with a dev site that I keep breaking.

Initial Installation of phpfox

On Your Computer:
1. Navigate to your unzipped phpfox script files.
2. Change the include > setting > file to server.sett.php
3. Create a zip file of ALL the files IN the Upload folder. Do not zip the upload folder itself, just the files within it.

In Your Hosting Control Panel:
1. Navigate to your File Manager.
2. Choose whatever option allows you to upload a new file.
3. Upload the zip file you created earlier to the same directory you plan to install phpfox.
4. Choose the option to extract the zip file.

* I suggest uploading the zip file via your hosting control panel because it is a faster process than doing it via ftp in most cases. This is also a lot faster than uploading each file individually via your ftp client, and assures that all files will get uploaded Smile *

At this point, you should have the file structure necessary to install phpfox. You will need to chmod the appropriate files and folders, and you should be able to proceed smoothly with the phpfox installation. I would suggest doing the chmod via your ftp client if it allows you to chmod multiple files at once, so that you can do it quickly.

Now...if you find that you need to REINSTALL phpfox:

In Your Hosting Control Panel:

1. Go into your file manager and delete ALL files/folders EXCEPT your .htaccess, .htpasswd, and the zip file you created.
2. Go into your web based administration panel for your database (typically phpmyadmin) and drop ALL tables in your phpfox database.
3. Go back to your file manager, and extract the files from the zip file.
4. Make sure to chmod all necessary files/folders. You can also delete the htaccess.txt file that was unzipped if you wish, since you won't be editing it because you saved the previous one you edited Smile
5. Install as normal.

If you keep the zip file in the directory you will be installing phpfox you will have an easy time reinstalling the base phpfox script whenever you need to. I would probably go ahead and chmod it so that it is unaccessible to everyone, and then chmod it back when you need to unzip it. When you have your site up and running and won't be needing the quick reinstall option, go ahead and delete it from your server Smile

Hope this helps!

Something to note: it has recently come to my attention that the zip file is easy to find by those that are trying to get copies of scripts to distribute as warez.

In order to keep your zip file safe, it is best to remove it from the server when you are done with the install. You can easily reupload it again when you need to do a reinstall. You can also hide the zip file in a folder that is inaccessible to anyone but yourself.