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Use bbcode to post php code w/o breaking the code

I see that many people here have difficulties posting their php codes and yet they blame on phpfox scrpt due to they don't know how to use the bbcodes to post.
In any forums that you post your codes. Be vb or phpbb or phpfox you will have the same issue if you don't wrap your code inside the code tags.

Ps: forgive my english and yet I am posting this by heart and from my cellphone.

So if you are posting HTML code you must wrap it inside the html tag
[html]you code [/ html]

If you will post php code

[php] your phpcode go inside here [/ php]

other tags that can be used are

[code] post any code but it won't keep as organized as the php and html tags
[ quote] to quote a text
[ img] to post a image from a link
[ url] to add a link
[ b] to make font bold
[ i] to italicize a text
[ u] to underline a text
[ size=15] to change font size
[ color=red] to change font color

Don't forget that each tag must end with their closing tag for instance will close the color tag.

Please not that I added an space in the tags so I won't take effect here. But space must not be present when you post

Hope it helped
Thi also works for your website.