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how to expand your mobile site. add settings, signup etc

Ok! Here I will teach you how you can expand your mobile site.
Let's say that you want to add users acoung settings to your mobile. Yes it works.

Download this file if you don't want to do all the job and
To see how i did study my files found in the zip folder for adding new stuff

in this zip of mine I have included
User browse (Will improve later)
Register on mobile.
Account settings
Privacy settings

See shot

mob.jpg reg.jpg

I created a new page called My Settings where once visiting you will see Account settings and Privacy setting links
Just upload the enteire content of the folder following the folder instructure
in the theme/mobile you have the already modified template.html.php
and the layout.css I have just added the common.css did not have time to cleanup and see what classes i need or not so I added it all Smile

see my demo here at
user: demo123
pass: demo123

Go to www/modules/user
First you will need to add the mobile index to the module that you will be creating the mobile pages
In this case we are using module/user

Download a copy of

Now rename this 2 files to

Now open you new setting.class.php and look for

And change to

Also open index-mobile.class.php
Look for



Save and upload the files to its correspoding location.

Now go to you theme/mobile/defaul/template/template.html.php
and add you new menu next to the others like

<li><a href="{url link='user'}"{if isset($bMobileBrowseIsActive)} class="active"{/if}>{phrase var='user.menu_browse'}</a></li>

Save and visit you new page at notice you must be logged in to see it.

I am writing this all from my mobile but as soon as I am on pc and have time I will improve this tutorial with real codes. But you got th idea. You do the same for any other module