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Move the site to other hosting using Cpanel

In order to move your website to other hosting company, follow those steps:

1) Backup Database


2) Backup Website


3) Upload the Website to the other server

It can be done using a FTP client such as "Filezilla", or using the File Manager Tool localized in the Hosting Control panel ("Consult to your hosting company about the existence of this tool and use the same")


FTP client

File Manager Tool (Cpanel File manager)

4) Create a database and user name in the new hosting.

Your hosting company should have a tool for create database and database user name, therefore I would recommend you to consult the use of it.

In this example, we are going to create the database and user using the Cpanel, in other hosting it should be very simillar :

Create Database:

Create an user for the database.

To add the user created to the database:

5) Run the SLQ backup

Copy and paste into the phpmyadmin the database backup in order to restore the database.

6) Configure the file server.sett.php

This file is localized in "include/setting" in the website directory.

$_CONF['db']['host'] = ''; // SERVER
$_CONF['db']['user'] = '';      // NEW USER
$_CONF['db']['pass'] = '';      // PASSWORD
$_CONF['db']['name'] = '';      // DATABASE NAME

7) Optional: htaccess "short urls" configuration if the website is in a sub folder.


8) Clean your site's cache.