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flowplayer commercial license

How to use a commercial license for flowplayer in phpfox.

tested with >
phpfox version: 2.10
flowplayer version: 3.2.7 commercial

Go to the flowplayer website and login with your u/p
Go to the online setup located here :
to create a flowplayer config file online. This will allow you to select colors and upload logo's etc. I will also allow you to toggle branding removal and thus make this output file "flowplayer-logo-free".
After walking through this setup a file is ready for download. This file will be called flowplayer.commercial-3.2.7-0.swf or maybe different in the version number.
Now make backups of your current flowplayer files used by phpfox. They are located here :/static/jscript/player/flowplayer
you can backup the complete folder and leave it on your server with new name /flowplayer_old or /flowplayer_backup or whatever you like. In the /flowplayer folder you can now replace the current file with the one you downloaded. All you would have to do is rename the downloaded file to flowplayer.swf and overwrite the one online. Only do this after verifying you have backups !

Now go to your website and check out your new configured unbranded flowplayer.
If you still see the old branded flowplayer, try to delete cache in phpfox and empty your browser's cache. Reload the page.

All should work now.