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Creating an App

Note this requires phpFox version 3 or higher.

What are apps?

Apps are a new method of creating features for phpFox clients without the need to actually store source files on the clients server. You as the developer will host an app and this allows you to have 1 location for all of your phpFox clients. Updating will be a breeze as you only need to update it on the one server. There are no limitations on what you can do as our app system is based on an API so on your server you are free to do anything with the information we send you about the user.

How do you create apps?

Like most API systems you will need to apply for a developers key on the clients phpFox site. This can be done by going to "Apps >> Create an App". Once you have created an app you will find your APP ID. Save this information as you will need to use this when building your apps.

For further information it is best to follow the app guide found on the clients phpFox site. This can be found by visiting the "Developers" link found at the bottom of the site. This will link to a page with guidelines on how to create an app and all the supported methods, as this depends on the version they have installed.

Sample Applications

We provide 3 sample applications with phpFox v3. Once you download our product you can find them in /tools/apps/. Each app has a small "readme.txt" and the source code is documented to help guide you on creating an app.