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Auto Detect Users Language

Requires: phpFox v3.1.0 or higher and InfoDB API key.

If you have more then 1 language package on your site you can use a feature we have that tries to find the users location based on their IP. With this information we will try to detect and load a language package that is relevant to where the user is located.

In order for this to work your language packages must follow the ISO3166 standards. For more information go here.

To get this setup...

1) Go here and create a new account:
You will receive an API key. Keep it handy.

2) Log into your AdminCP and go to:
Settings >> Manage Settings >> IP InfoDB

3) For the setting IP InfoDB API Key enter your API key and hit Submit.

4) Next, go to:
Settings >> Manage Settings >> Language

5) Enable the setting Auto Detect Language Package.