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Enabling the Gifts for V3.2x

The new E-Gift feature lets you schedule the gifts to be seen for a set amount of time. This allows you to cycle gift availability should you wish to do that.

To enable your E-Gifts you will do so in the AdminCP>>Modules>>E-Gift

1. Set a Category by clicking on the Manage Categories. You will see it allows a Name for the category; an Availability setting (yes/no) to set this to be available at certain dates (leave at No for just enabled on birthdays); a date range for if you set Availability setting to Yes.

2. Add E-gifts. You can make your own icons for this or there are some in the add ons free. You need to:

a. set a title
b. upload an icon
c. select a category
d. set a price if you are charging for these (remember to have your payment gateway set up)

View your site and go to a friend's page and you should now see your E-Gift ready to send.

Video tutorial by ericmart: