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How to Add or Manage Mobile Icons/Menus (V3.2+)

This tutorial is for V3.2 or above. This feature is new for V3.2. We are able to manage our mobile menu/icons in the Admin Panel now.

AdminCP>>CMS>>Manage Menus

Scroll down until you get to Mobile and you will see a list of all of the menus/icons available on your mobile menu. You can disable and arrange your mobile icons in here in the standard way you would edit any menus. Just click to the right of a menu to edit it, in the Actions column. If you want to change the order, just change the numbers to the left of the menu and click Update on the bottom right.

If you are missing any mobile menu icons you just need to add them.

AdminCP>>CMS>>Add New Menu

For this tutorial let's assume the Blog is missing from your mobile menu.

Product: Core
Module: Blog
Connection: Mobile
URL: blog
Mobile Icon: small_blogs.png

Language Package Details: Blog

Set your user group access and submit.

Clear Cache.

If you are adding a third party add on mobile icon, be sure to have your small_youraddon.png image file for it. The size is 26 x 26. The default icons can be found in theme/frontend/default/style/default/image/mobile for the default theme/style.