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How to Change Menus in V3

To change our menus in phpFox V3, we do the following:

Go to AdminCP>>CMS>>Manage Menus and there you will see a listing of all of your menus.

You will see the following columns: Order, Menu, Location, Active, Actions

Click on Select Action for the Menu you want to change and you will have the following options: Edit, Manage Children (sub-menus) if there are any sub-menus, Delete.

Clicking Edit will bring up the screen to edit the Menu.

Look for "Language Package Details" and change what's in the block to what you want your Menu title/name to be.

Save your changes and clear your cache.

Note that menu names can also be changed in the phrase manager:

AdminCP >> Extensions >> Phrase Manager

Do a search for the name of the menu as it is now.

When you find it, look in the right column titled "Text" and change the name of the menu to be what you want.

At the bottom right, click "Save All".

Clear your cache.