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Adding Menus (V3)

AdminCP-->CMS-->Add New Menu

Once you click the above, you will see a page to add a Menu. screen capture 2012-7-11-7-45-35.png

Menu Details:

Product: (what product on your site is the Menu for?) Example: Core (used most often)

Module: (what module on your site is the Menu for?) Example: User, Core

Connection: (where do you want this Menu to appear?) Example: Main, Footer

URL or select a page: (do you have an URL that this Menu points to or a page from your site?) Example: ad.add creates a Menu item that takes the user to the Add an Ad page.

Language Pack Details:

Enter in this block the title for your Menu

User Group Access:

Control which user groups can see this Menu. Uncheck those user groups that you do not want to see this Menu.

Submit: Found in lower right corner, this saves your Menu.

Clear your cache.