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Membership Comparison (V3.3)

This setting depends upon you having subscriptions enabled and having subscription packages already set. Note that you might want to have enabled a color for your subscription packages, which you will see as the last entry when making a subscription package.

To enable the comparison feature:


Here you see columns with your different subscription packages.

Click “Add New Feature”

On the left column you will enter a feature such as Blogs.

The next column for your first package shows little green arrows and a box that represents how it will look in your chart. Click the green arrows to toggle this to be a yes/no check box/x or a text field to put what you want for the value. If you chose yes/no, you then click the green check mark on the right to change it to a red “x” if you need this as a “no”.

Do the same for your other packages.

Add all the features your site has in the left column and set the values in each package.

To see your chart, go to the front end of the site and on the member dashboard (homepage) of your account, click on Membership.

Then click Compare Subscription Packages.