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Custom Fields with Custom Groups for V3

If you want to have Custom Fields per user group, this is how to do it in V3.3.

**Note that you will have to delete any custom groups/fields you made prior to v3.3 in order for this to work. I don't mean user groups made, I mean Custom Groups and Custom Fields. Delete them from your database but backup the database first.

Create a new user group – AdminCP>>Users>>Create User Group or use a group you already made for it. Note that I used the Registered user group to inherit from when creating my user group.

Edit the user group settings for this group for the Custom settings to have the following at True:

Can edit own custom fields?
Can have special custom fields?

Add Custom Group – AdminCP>>Users>>Add Custom Group

Product: Core
Module: Custom
Location: Users Profile
User Group: The one you made above
Group: The name for this custom group

Add Custom Fields – AdminCP>>Users>>Add New Custom Field

Product: Core
Group: The one you made above
User Group: The one you made above
Location: Where do you want this to appear
Required: yes or no
Include on Registration: yes or no
Type: what type of custom field you want
Field Name and Values: you will fill this in, it's self explanatory

Click Add to save it