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Changing User's Mail Settings

Perhaps your members are getting error messages that they have reached their mailbox limit and you want to adjust settings.

AdminCP >> Users >> Manage User Groups

Find the user group to change and click the arrow to the left of it.

Select "Manage User Settings"

In the left column are listed all of the modules you can set your settings for regarding the user group settings.

Find "Mail" and click it.

To the right are all of the settings you can set for this.


This setting tells how many messages can be stored based on the user group. It is complemented by the setting override_mail_box_limit to allow administrators and staff members to store any number of messages.

Set this setting to be how many emails you allow for this group. You can set this as high as you want.

Note that the Admin User Group has this setting at 0 and also the following setting at true to allow for unlimited messages:

This setting tells if members of this user group can overcome the limit imposed by the setting mail_box_limit.

Go through the other mail settings while here to ensure they are set up the way you want.

When finished, click "Save" in the lower right corner of your screen.