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Change Your Domain for Your License

In order to change your domain, log in to your account:

Look to the left of your license and you will see an arrow.

Click the arrow to the left of your license.

Select "Edit" .

Replace the current Website URL with your new one or add your URL if there is not one there already.

Enter the full URL to where your site is/will be located. Some correct examples...

If you are creating a development site in phpfoxdev/ or development/ or or, you do not need the full path, just the or will suffice.

If you already have a site installed and are changing the domain for it, follow the below instructions as well. You don't need to do the below instructions if you have not already installed phpFox.

You need to also change the server.sett.php file to use the new domain as well.

include/setting/server.sett.php and look for:

$_CONF[''] = '';

$_CONF['core.folder'] = '/';

and change those to be what you need for the new domain.

Also, you might need to change the settings for the database, etc in the server.sett.php if it is changing from what you had.

If you had short urls enabled and used subfolders for the old domain you need to also change that to be correct for the new domain in the .htaccess.

Look for the following and change as needed.

RewriteBase /folder/

After doing the above, clear cache on the server:

file/cache and remove everything except index.html

Then clear cache in AcminCP >> Tools >> Cache Manager >> Clear All.